There are pretrial systems trying to be implemented in different jurisdictions throughout the country on a regular basis with the intent of lowering jail populations and saving the state money. However, every one of these systems is failing to work; the jails are still overcrowded, crime rates are rising, and its costing these sates more money than they ever imagined.  The one thing that has always worked and will continue to work is the commercial bail bond process.  Bail Bond companies are private entities that cost the state “zero” dollars to operate and at the same time hold the defendant(s) accountable to appear in court.  The clerks, judges, and sheriff’s all rely on us to do our job.  We pay extradition cost for defendants to be transported so the local sheriff’s offices don’t have to, we travel the country looking for defendants who fail to appear in court, we pay the state of Tennessee a bail bond tax that funds attorney’s salaries, and we have contacts all over the country that people rely on.  If the bail bond industry goes away, then so does everything I just mentioned.  We are professional men and women who are heavily involved in the criminal justice system, we like to help people, we hold individuals accountable for their actions.

-Nick DeBord, President of City Bonding Company