Our Commitment

City Bonding Company, Inc.  provides 24 hour 7 day a week nationwide  service.  Should you or a family member find yourself in an unexpected situation know that you can always rely on City Bonding Company!  Our team is simply a phone call away and our agents guide you and the ones you love through the entire Bail Bond Process.

If you or a family member should be out of town on vacation and again find yourself in trouble with the law, you can still call us no matter where you are and we will be there to help you through this unexpected life situation.

City Bonding Company Team Members pride themselves in providing exceptional client service treating the client with the respect and dignity. Again, our agents will be there for you and the ones you love from the beginning until the court process is complete.  During the process many questions may arise and our team is prepared to professionally assist you with knowledge acquired from years of experience!

City Bonding Team Members provide: Reliable and Confidential Service

City Bonding Team Members are: Accessible, Trustworthy, and Honest

Bail Bond Process