The bail industry agrees that the criminal justice system needs to be reformed.  The country’s population just keeps growing therefore, the crime rate keeps rising, and our local jails are staying  overcrowded.  Bail bonds have been around for years and we hope to always be here helping the communities and the criminal justice system.  More and more individuals are being locked up that don’t have to be.  Everyone when in trouble has a “right to bail.”  It’s written in the United States Constitution.  The only way an individual loses a right to bail is if they’re charged with a capitol punishment.  That being said, “bail bonds” is a form of pretrial release, and it is most certainly the most cost effective form of pretrial to the state because it cost the state “zero” tax payer dollars to post a person’s bond.  We are a private entity business that cost the state “zero” dollars to operate.  We pay a $12.00 bail tax on each bond we write, and pay it quarterly to the state.  That money funds attorney’s salaries to serve indigent people on the civil side of the system.  If we are not in business then who will paying that money? “THE TAX PAYERS” will be which adds up anywhere from 1.5 million to 1.8 million annually.  There are many more avenues government can pursue to handle reform in the criminal justice system; however, attacking the commercial bail industry is not the correct answer.